So what is a Bell-ite?  A Bell-ite is someone who BLINDLY follows, listens to, likes, and most importantly, defends Rob Bell and his teachings.  Bell-ites have a very low view of God because they have a very low view of the scriptures.  On the flip side, IF they had a very High view of God and the scriptures, they would have a very low view of Bell and his teachings.  Bell-ite's typically operate and defend Rob Bell by lashing out with emotional outburst.  They are led by their emotions and not the word of God.  You will seldom, to never, see them defend Rob Bell's teachings with the word of God because God's word, read in context, refutes what they want to believe.  For many Bell-ites (defenders of Rob Bell and his teachings), they are more caught up with person and personality of Rob Bell than the person and personality of Jesus Christ.  

When a Bell-ite reads the response on this site, usually one of two things happens.  One, they might search the scriptures, reading the word of God in context, and come to see that what Rob Bell is teaching is false.  By doing so they will have become like the Bereans whom Paul said were more noble than those in Thessalonica because they searched the word of God to find out the truth (Acts 17:10,11).  By doing so, by finding the truth, they would cease to be a Bell-ite, and instead would become a follower of Jesus Christ and His Word.  They would no longer hold a man and his teachings above the word of God but instead would now hold God and His word above any man.  They will obey the commands of Jesus Christ and will therefore truly love the Lord Jesus Christ.  They will no longer be building their life on sinking sand.  Instead, they will be building their life on the Rock that is their being obedient to the commands of Jesus Christ.  They could find themselves on the narrow road that leads to life; the very one that Jesus said few would find.  

So what's the other way, and unfortunately the way most Bell-ites respond?  They respond the very way that I have written about in the section title:


You can find the link on the home page.  Like I said, this is how most Bell-ites respond.  I have seen it over and over again.   Unfortunately, there's not much use in trying to convince someone who's a Bell-ite and responds in the second way.  I've tried to, it just doesn't work.  Until someone has a high view of the scriptures, in context, as a foundation in their life, there is not much hope for them.  If someone is unwilling to have a high view of the scripture, and unwilling to not be led by their emotions, they will continue to stay in delusion and will never be able to come to the truth; whether it has to do with Rob Bell's teaching or any other biblical topic. 

So what are you?  Are you a Bell-ite, or a follower of Jesus and His word?


Sean Scott
08/10/2011 20:45

For the record, just so there's no confusion, people can fall into idolatry with any man. This site just happens to be about Rob Bell. Anytime someone begins to accept a mans teaching without either checking them with the word of God, or, if they believe them in spite of what the word of God says, they are in idolatry. I've received many comments from people who defend Rob Bell. When I show them scriptures that Bell uses out of context they just ignore them. When I ask them to show me how Bell could be right, by looking at a scripture in context, they refuse to do so. This is nothing more than idolatry and shows that they do not love God or His word. As I've said, you cannot love God without loving His word. When this happens, people become a follower of man instead of God.

03/04/2012 18:48


Great response to the new packaged old heresy of Rob Bell. I am spreading it around - may the Lord bless you and be glorified in your work.

03/05/2012 09:44

Thanks Stuart.

May the Lord bless you...

IN Christ,

Sean Scott


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